Sunday, April 15, 2012

More on Stage Fright

I moved to Brooklyn last July and afterwards I took a couple of production jobs here and there and also started interning. Meanwhile, I was still editing "Roommates" off-an-on until September when editing was finally complete. In the meantime, I had been inching to get back behind the camera and I told Chris in November, who was a co-producer of "Roommates," that I was thinking about going back to State College to shoot this short film. That's how Stage Fright was born.

Stage Fright really just started as an idea I had for years and years, I just never thought about actually going out and making a short film about the fear of urinating in a public restroom until late last year. But I always had the idea of a man actually imagining himself in front of a stage trying to pee in front of a large audience. I remember talking this idea at length to some of my family members during last Thanksgiving. What's amazing to me is how closely the short film is to my original idea. It's almost exactly what I originally had in mind and I look at Stage Fright as very much a step in the right direction for me. Not only in terms of style, but in terms of collaboration.

What's funny though is that I really started to think about this film when I started watching a handful of Louis CK's short films that he made back in the mid-late '90s. I'm a huge Louis CK fan and so these short films were quite a discovery for me. They're almost all on youtube (I posted some of them below). But he takes really simple ideas and just puts an eccentric spin to them and that really just put a giant light bulb over my head. Suddenly, I have tons of short film ideas that I'm waiting to tackle. So thanks Louie.

My first feature film, Roommates

What took up most of my time from the Summer of 2010 to the Summer of 2011 was this no-budget comedy called "Roommates." A teaser for the film is shown above.

All-in-all, Roommates helped me learn a lot about film production as it gave me real hands-on experience. The film, overall, did not really come out the way I had hoped. I think I put too much emphasis on dramatic and romantic moments when I should've stuck with the comedy. It's not that the dramatic/romantic moments were bad as the actors did a good job, I just think the film would've been more effective as a comedy. It didn't do well on the festival circuit and overall I couldn't afford to keep submitting it to film festivals so it's kind of in limbo at this point.

But, I had a fun time making it and I enjoyed meeting everyone who helped me make it. Overall, it has given me confidence moving forward to other projects. If you're really curious about seeing the film, I have a few copies just email me at Honestly though, I think it'd be better to go back and re-visit after I've made a few more short films this year. I feel I've already improved as a filmmaker since I stopped production on the film in March of 2011.

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